Collateral Investor

Actions with the idle USDC collateral

The Collateral Investor moves idle USDC collateral to DeFi protocols (protocols can be added through governance).

Currently, Atmos Protocol deposits USDC into lending protocols

The collateral invested with an instant withdrawal ability does not count as decreasing the protocol's CR since it is always spontaneously available to the protocol.

The protocol automatically invests up to 85% of USDC collateral to generate passive income. Profit from depositing converts to ATM. The execution flow is both immediate and efficient in terms of maintaining the ATM price indefinitely, as the token is buybacked and burnt.

Collateral investment has the potential to provide a substantial income in addition to the benefits outlined above. Both principal and interest can naturally expand ECR and contribute to the system's long-term stability.

The rebalancing execution adjusts the investment amount to 85% every day automatically.

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