veATM Staking

Fees redistribution and governance

All fee revenue accrues to ATM, so veATM staking is the way to redistribute accumulated fees among the ATM holders.

veATM model

The longer you lock your ATM, the more veATM you will receive. You can also get additional veATM by locking more ATM or extending the lock period. veATM decays slowly over your locking period, eventually reaching 1-to-1 with ATM. veATM is not a traded token on the liquid markets.

veATM stands for the voting unit in the Atmos Protocol governance that will be implemented after the protocol launch.

Benefits from Staking

Benefits from staking can be valued in the form of accumulated fees, their redistribution, and performance of Automated Market Operations (AMOs):

  • Interest from Collateral Investment

  • Profits from Arbitrage contract

  • 1/3 ATM from Harvest Penalty

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