Atmos (ATM)

Volcoin / Utility token

All the utility in the Atmos Protocol is concentrated in Atmos (ATM) token. ATM - is the governance token in the Atmos ecosystem which plays a significant role in the protocol autonomous operation:

The supply of ATM is originally fixed at 100 million tokens at genesis, however, the number in circulation is anticipated to be deflationary as aUSD is minted at increasing algorithmic ratios. The protocol is designed in such a way that ATM supply would be primarily deflationary as long as aUSD demand will grow.

ATM Distribution

The greater amount of tokens will be distributed into the market through the liquidity mining program and will reward liquidity providers for their contribution.

The total ATM supply - 100,000,000 units.

Community (75%)

75,000,000 ATM will be distributed among various liquidity mining programs / farming / staking. The ATM emission is not set at a fixed rate for the whole distribution period and it can be changed by adjusting new rates through the governance proposals.

Public Offering (10%)*

10,000,000 ATM are reserved for the public sale event which will be held before the protocol launch. Distribution has a design of linear vesting terms.

Treasury (15%)

15,000,000 ATM are reserved for the Treasury. Distribution has a design of linear vesting terms. The aim of this allocation lies in the following needs:

  • Security bug bounties

  • Partnerships

  • Marketing

  • Grants

As was said above, 75,000,000 ATM is set for community allocation through various liquidity mining programs, farming, and staking. The total ATM amount allocated for the community will be distributed within 10 years, meaning that the emission is scheduled as follows:

  • 7,500,000 yearly

  • 625,000 monthly

  • ~ 20,833.33 daily

We leave the space for halving ATM emission and this will be applied only through governance voting.

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